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Keeping Seniors Independent At Home

June 23, 2010

Keeping Seniors Independent At Home

Quiet Care Internet Report

Quiet Care Internet Report

Today more than ever with the rising cost of health care, simple uses of technology and equipment to keep seniors as physically functional and engaged in their residences is important. Recently at CaraVita Home Care’s Smart house, Beth Cayce founder of Caravita reviewed how aging affects our bodies and senses and gave some key insight into new technology and equipment on the market. Several vendors displayed their products and the following is a synopsis of some products on the market or that you can get more information about at the Smart House. Stay tuned to our blog for more releases of great products to review or send us some of your own for our readers.

Quiet Care – One of many new  innovations in Behavioral Monitoring to alert family or caregivers to changes in a pattern of  an individual’s activity that may indicate increased confusion, lack of appetite, poor medication compliance, night time wandering, elopement or change in bowel or bladder habits. Variances to your normal are noted after this system learns your pattern of daily activity. Reports can be sent via internet or call center to family, or caregivers

Medication Dispensing


Tab Safe- Medication Dispensing Machine

Locally developed and operated this company has developed several models that can be loaded and timed to dispense medications as needed. It will alert for increased compliance and gives an internet view of a medication record that can be printed and alerts pharmacy of the need for refills.

Virtual Dementia Tour by Second Wind Dreams

This kit allows the user to experience for eight minutes what it feels like to be affected by dementia as you perform simple daily tasks. Call and schedule an experience with this great tool.

Transfer Aides


Lumex- Uprise Onyx folding walker supplied by Home Health Options

This walker allows easy exit from commode as it has lower and higher handles.  It can also accommodate those for who standing takes some time to straighten up.

Another transfer aide as an alternative to Hoyer lift is Mary’s Aide Transfer Sling, which   makes transfers easy as lifting a box.  For demonstration come to the Smart House or call Home Health Options to view the Uprise walker and many other innovative products for home care.

279 Roswell St NE, Marietta, GA 30060-2063(770) 425-7718,


Smart House Bedroom

Smart House Demo Bedroom - Tem-Pur-Pedic Day Bed

Day Bed with TemPur- Pedic Mattress- Ideal for those folks who may roll out of bed or need the extra support of the end rail to push up to standing with the posture comfort of legendary TemPur-Pedic. The Day Beds are at the correct height of wheelchairs (at 23-24 inches high with the mattress. The ideal height of day bed bottom frame is 16 plus the mattress height is about eight inches. The mattress is great for skin integrity and also helps with back and joint pain as it cradles and supports spine and joints.  You can order the day beds on line from locations such as Ballards or check them out at Mattress Giant who also sells TemPur-Pedic mattresses.

Ergolet- E track system makes transfer easy by simply installing a parallel system of wall mounted tracks for ease in transfers from bed, to chair and commode in the home for those bed or chair bound.






Air Quality


Atmos Air Purification System- You can select from a simple one room air purifier to an entire home application this dynamic air purification system is ideal for spouses who share a home with a smoker, those with allergies, pulmonary disorders or anyone who wishes to breather cleaner and safer air. The system provides   efficient air purification, reduces energy costs, improves air quality, eliminate dusts, and remove odors, mold and VOCs. For more information click on

Bathing and Bathroom


Meditube- For easier bathroom transfers and where safety meets luxury, install a meditub.  To view its features check out

Neptune Toilet Lift- Keep your dignity and balance with the Neptune Toilet Lift. This Patented tilted seat mimics natural sitting-down and getting-up motions with a gentle lifting and lowering action. Get free 30 day trial. Call Jared Dean at 877-815-8449 for a demo or view at


Personal Response Systems-


Phillips LifeLine- Their new pendant has auto alert feature which will call 911 if you cannot call and a fall is detected.  Contact laura


Wellcore- Personal emergency Response System will detect a fall automatically and send help as needed. It even reminds you to wear it. Call Jared at Firststreet at 877-815-8449 or view at

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